Social responsibility

Conscious of its role in local development, Neoen supports social and community development projects. These initiatives complement Neoen’s efforts to promote renewable energy and ease access to it.


In Australia, Neoen participates in Hornsdale Farm Community Fund, whose mission is to finance initiatives that support the region of Jamestown. Administered jointly with a locally elected official and community representatives, the fund will be funded at $ 120,000 per year for 25 years. 11 projects were supported in 2016, including the construction of a children’s garden and the installation of solar panels on the Gladstone Memorial site.


Neoen supports the Empower Generation association. Empower Generation is a social enterprise operating in Nepal since 2011 that enables women to distribute clean energy solutions to their communities. Its network of 12 micro-enterprises, managed by 16 women in 10 districts, reaches the most remote populations, those of the “last mile”. Thanks to the establishment of Empower Generation in Nepal, more than 180,000 people receive cleaner and safer electricity, provided by higher-quality solar lamps.The devastating earthquakes that occurred in Nepal in 2015 confirmed the necessity for local presence. With its long-term approach and its field presence, Empower Generation is rebuilding a future with renewable energy, within the affected populations.

El Salvador

In El Salvador, part of the revenues generated by La Paz photovoltaic power plant is redistributed to social development projects, in coordination with the Social Investment Fund for Local Development, which develops local projects of road construction, water and electricity provision or school renovation.

Environmental responsibility

Neoen is aware of the challenges posed by its environment and the way its activities are embedded in it. We actively take into account the modification of the landscape structure when we work on projects. We also integrate the life’s conditions of the species living on the sites of Neoen projects: their preservation is anticipated from the design phase of the project.


In France, the Cestas power plant integrates substantial environmental measures, notably with regard to the preservation of humid areas, vegetal and animal species of the site, and landscape integration through the planting of hedges at the border of the power plant.


In Portugal, during the construction of the Seixal power plant, more than a thousand local species of trees and bushes were planted around the installation to promote its landscape integration. Neoen has also set up a five-year financing program for the Seixal municipal energy agency, whose mission is to promote a more rational use of energy, increase the use of renewable energy and the sustainable development of the municipality.


In Australia, Neoen supports the “Renewable Energy Skills Centre of Excellence” of Canberra Institute of Technology, whose mission is to accelerate the development and the growth of the renewable energy sector (technical training and professional certificates; creation and improvement of the industry participant’s network and infrastructures that allow a practical and theoretical learning of the industry’s practices).