Our history

Founded in 2008, Neoen is an independent producer of sustainable energy. At Neoen, we strongly believe that the energy transition is a real revolution and our ambition is to change conceptions. Our business is revolutionary, first because renewable energies respect the environment, second, because they have become the most financially viable energies available; and third because they free humankind from dependence on fossil fuels.
We wasted no time: our first solar power plant was opened in 2009, our first windfarm in 2010 and our first biomass plant in 2013. Having gained a wealth of experience in France, Neoen began a period of international expansion in 2010, opening a plant in Portugal.

Our independence is our strength: we invest in the long term, building, funding and operating our own power plants.

Neoen is currently the number one independent producer of renewable energy in France. Thanks to our sturdy finances, experience and international outlook, we have rapidly become a major player in the renewable energy sector, especially where energy transition is concerned. In December 2015, during the Climate Change Conference (COP21), Neoen opened the biggest solar plant in Europe in Cestas (Gironde).