In France,

the most powerful solar power plant in Europe

In Australia,

the largest solar power plant off-grid

In Zambia,

the most competitive solar power plant in sub-Saharan Africa

In Salvador,

the largest solar park in Central America

PPA signature in Zambia

Lusaka March 3rd, PPA signature with the Zambian authorities for a 54MW photovoltaic power plant.
M. Mutati – Zambia’s Finance Minister, M. Cohet – French Ambassador in Zambia and M. Le Guen – France’s Development and Francophonie Minister

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Partnership in Ireland

BNRG Renewables Limited and Neoen announce their joint venture to develop, construct, own and operate a portfolio of solar projects in Ireland.

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El Salvador Vice President’s visit

The Vice President of El Salvador noted the mid-way progress of the construction of Providencia Solar, the largest solar photovoltaic power plant in Central America. This power plant, with a capacity of 101MWp, will provide the country’s network with the equivalent of the consumption of 150,000 Salvadorans.

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Installed and under construction




International and local at the same time
Between sun, sky and earth
Neoen is particularly active in the field of solar energy, which it helps to make competitive in each of the countries where Neoen is located.
Neoen has a large portfolio of assets and wind projects in France and Australia, setting new records in the competitiveness of this energy.
From biomass, Neoen produces both electricity and steam that it delivers to industrial customers in France.